Landscape Architecture and Construction

Design Services

Elarc offers a diverse range of Design Services in both Residential and Commercial fields.

Consultation  •  Concept Designs  •  Detailed Design Documentation  •  Town Planning  •  Master Plans  •  Land Management Plans

Before initially putting pen to paper, Elarc’s Principal Landscape Architect Heath Gifford, carefully considers the following concepts:

What are the existing landscape characteristics?
Slope    Soil type    Aspect    Existing plant communities    Historical references

What are the functional requirements for the space?
Utility space    Entertaining space    Recreational space    Viewing    Drainage challenges    Screening

When generating designs and concepts Elarc considers:
  • Designing a garden space with the above functional requirements in mind
  • Considering landform changes, areas of cut and fill, retaining walls, drainage grades etc. ( diverse landform conditions will result in a diverse selection of plants)
  • Considering the ‘history’ of the Landscape is there any historical significance to the area that may be referenced
  • The clients taste, aspirations, character and budgetary requirements
Plant Selection / Planting design
  • Plants are chosen from plant communities associated with the resulted landscape character
  • Thought is given to function of plant- screening, shade, ground cover etc.
  • Special attention is also given to aesthetic- form, colour etc.

Plans and Sketches

Laurimer Landscape Design Plans
Natural drainage swale (or dry creek) within this native garden Laurimer Laurimer
Warrandyte South
Natural slate, deep frog pond, natural creek and recycled timber bridge Warrandyte South Warrandyte South
Native plants, natural stacked slate water fall into pond and creek Warrandyte Warrandyte
Park Orchards
Organic forms, natural slate and local native garden, lawn irrigated by recycled sewerage water Park Orchards Park Orchards
Alphington 1
Native and drought tollerant exotic plants, recycled red bricks Alphington Alphington
Alphington 2
Garden has rooms filled with indigenous plants, natural granitic sand and slate Alphington Alphington